Desk & Computer Allocation Request


Please contact your supervisor.


First contact your supervisor. Then fill out this form (username and password is your zid and zpass).

DKR Server Usage

Step 1

Contact Dr. Dong Wen to join the group dwen+dbgprojects.

Step 2

Contact cse system support ( to create a personal folder in the vldb server. After creating the directory your folder address is: /import/vldb/1/scratch/zid

Step 3

Since vldbcannot be accessed directly by the external network. vldbserver can only log in via LAN.

If you are working in K17, you can connect directly to the vldbserver:

If you are working from home, you need to connect to the cseserver first before you can connect to the vldbserver:

And your personal folder address is: /import/vldb/1/scratch/zid

Remote Connection

If you want to use remote connect in vscode, please do not use remote-ssh to connect our server. You can follow the instruction posted by cse(

Share Files Between Users

First method

You can use scp command to share. It will be pretty fast since all the servers are LAN. For example:

Second method

You can use SimpleHTTPServer module which belongs to http.server in Python. Using http.server build a temporary file server to share files. For example, user 1 want to share file to user 2. First switch to the folder you want to share. Then user 1 can execute the following command in terminal:

User 2 can use wget to get the file: