News about DKR

Congratulations to Jianwei Wang, Deming Chu, Jiujing Zhang, Jingyi Song and Xuan Luo on having their works accepted by SIGMOD 2024.

Congratulations to Kongzhang Hao, Yizhang He, Shunyang Li, Yuanyuan Xu, Yanping Wu and Jiexi Zhan on having their works accepted by ICDE 2024!.

Congratulations to our MPhil students Yiheng Hu and Xingyu Tan for receiving the CSIRO's Data61 full scholarships.

Fan Zhang, Qingyuan Linghu, Kai Wang, Jiadong Xie, Xuemin Lin, Wenjie Zhang, Quantifying Node Importance over Network Structural Stability, KDD 2023. Jianke Yu, Hanchen Wang, Xiaoyang Wang, Li Zhao, Lu Qin, Wenjie Zhang, Jian Liao, Ying Zhang, GFDN: Group-based Fraud Detection Network on Bipartite Graph, KDD 2023.

Congratulations to Zhengyi for being the Chief Investigator in leading the industral project with Enmotech Data AU on Just-in-time Compilation for High-Performance RDBMS Runtime, with a total funding of $520,000 for a period of 2.5 years.

Yufan Sheng and Yizhang He's papers are accepted by SIGMOD 2023. Congratulations Yufan and Yizhang !

Congratulations to Wenjie, Dong, Xiaoyang, Xin and Aamir for securing 3 ARC Discovery Projects with total funding around $1.5M for three years starting from 2023 !

Congratulations to Wenjie for being a Chief Investigator and Research Theme Leader in the successful ARC Centre of Excellence for the Mathematical Analysis of Cellular Systems, with a total of $80 million funding including $35 million funding from the ARC for a period of 7 years.

Congratulations to Xiaoyang for winning the CSE & ISTM FinTech Seed Grant titled "Responsible Data Lifecycle Management and Analytics in Digital Platforms: from the Perspective of Complementors"

Congratulations to Wenjie for winning the Google Inclusion Research Award with US$60,000 titled "Accessible Learning Analytics for Students with Cognitive Deficits"

Scholarship opportunity in the topic of "Towards Enabling Real-time and Secure Geospatial Data Analytics".

The Scholarship:
  • Scholarships are offered at $40,500 per annum (increases to $42K in year 3) or an optional top-up amount of up to $10,000 per annum.
  • Benefits of up to $5,000 per annum for learning and development funding and $5,000 (total for the term of scholarship) for travel expenses.
  • Access to world-class research facilities and excellent tools, support and resources to bring your research to life.
  • Join the Next Generation Graduate Program cohort that includes support and course works.
Scholarship Eligibility:
  • A first-class honours Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in the relevant research area;
  • Have been admitted in the corresponding Australian University (UNSW) as a PhD student; or will apply for PhD program in UNSW soon.
  • Onshore in Australia by the time of application (July 2022). This is to make sure that you can enrol in T3 2022 or T1 2023 to join the CSIRO Next Generation Graduate Program cohort.
  • If your undergraduate degree is not from UNSW, we expect your bachelor degree is from a world top 200 ranked university with first-class honous equivalent (or GPA > 85).
  • Meet the English requirement for admission to PhD program in UNSW.
If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact us.

We have 12 papers accepted to ICDE 2022 in the first round.

Dr. Dong Wen and Dr. Xiaoyang Wang joined DKR group in 2021.