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The Data and Knowledge Research Group at UNSW is a world leader in database, data management, and (big) data analytics. Our research accelerates data-intensive applications, and supports insightful knowledge extraction from large-scale, complex and dynamic real-life datasets. Our investigation covers graph/network data, spatial-temporal data, relational data, multi-media data, text data, and more. Our research generates translational outcomes in e-business, finance, health, mining, cyber-security, online education and training, transportation, and biotechnology.

Research Interests

Graph Data Analytics and Management

Including data mining, data streams, distributed database systems, spatial database systems, and web databases

Multi-media Data Processing

Including image data, video data, audio data, as well as sequence data and hypertext data containing text, text markups, and linkages.


Machine learning algorithms for graph structured data and database systems, including developing graph neural network architectures and applying machine learning techniques to improve the algorithms in database domain.

Text Mining

The process of transforming unstructured text into a structured format to identify meaningful patterns and new insights

Spatial-Temporal Data Processing

Spatial keyword search, spatial-social data processing

Our Research Projects

Australian Research Council Discovery Project (2020-2022)
Structure Search Over Large Scale Heterogeneous Information Networks
Australian Research Council Discovery Project (2020-2022)
Cohesive Subgraph Discovery on Big Bipartite Graphs
Australian Research Council Discovery Project (2018-2020)
Efficient Processing of Large Scale Multi-dimensional Graphs

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Recent News


We have 12 papers accepted to ICDE 2022 in the first round.


Dr. Dong Wen and Dr. Xiaoyang Wang joined DKR group in 2021.


This year we went to the beautiful coogee beach. We had a BBQ party near the beach and everyone had a great time!